About Genshin Kai

Learning to disarm a knife attacker.

Genshin Kai was  formed in 1996 and was then named Genshin Kai Great Britain.

Genshin Ju Jitsu Differs from other styles as it is formulated around street self defence, which is more up close and nothing personal. Before a wrist or arm lock can be applied, it is necessary to distract the attacker momentarily to give you that added advantage.

Our punching strikes are from western boxing, defence is by circular movements and not linear or direct, as with Karate and Tae Kwon Do. Wrist and arm locks are further applied by body movement, again circular.

As some of you may know [ unfortunately ], when you are confronted withan attacker on the street, you have very little time to decide what actions to take, the best one, if available, is to run away, if that is not an option, then you must deal with the situation quickly and effectively and before you run out of steam.

The techniques of Genshin Ju Jitsu can be applied quickly and without using too much strength. Pressure points can be very effective, some can be applied as a first line form of defence, others will work after the attacker has been controlled.

Students are taught from basic techniques and progress via our grading system, so that when they achieve their Black Belt they will have developed their own way of fighting. No two Black Belts within Genshin Kai fight the same way.

Over the years Genshin Ju Jitsu has evolved into an effective self defence system, and to this day it is still evolving, the circle will never be completed within my life time, so it will be up to the inheritors of my system to complete it.

A Brief History

The origins of Ju-Jitsu can be traced back to the 7th century, today it is acknowledged as one of the most effective forms of self defence. One way of describing Ju-Jitsu is to say it is the decathlon of Martial Arts, it has a bit of everything in it. Judo’s origins are with Ju-Jitsu, so to Aiki-Do and Karate.

Ju-Jitsu is acknowledged as being the father of Martial Arts. It is the Martial Art that was taught to the Samurai Warrior, should he find himself in a situation where he was unarmed.

Within it’s repertoire there is, punching, kicking, blocking, arm and wrist locks, strangles, chokes, nerve and pressure points, throws, defence against various weapons and grappling.

Students who learn Ju-Jitsu become jack of all trades, and in time, master of all.

GEN SHIN-KAI was and still is being developed to become a 21st century martial art.Traditional weapons training is not taught, mainly because they would be illegal on our streets. However, defence against weapons is taught, such as knives, bottles ,sticks etc. Students of Gen Shin-Kai are trained to defend themselves against an attack from one person, or an attack by several people, and they are taught to defend themselves using their bare hands, feet, elbows, knees, head and any objects that are available to hand. They are taught to fight standing up, kneeling down, sitting etc.

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