Black Belt Register

These members have been awarded black belts by

Hanshi Den Butler. 10th Dan

varified by the CMAA

Grand Master Andrew Morrell President CMAA

8th Dan Cobra FMA

Master Trevor Roberts 6th Dan Ju Jitsu

Den Butler 6th Dan Shotokan Karate

Master Les Davies 5th Dan   Ju Jitsu

Chief Instructor Keith Gardener 4th Dan FTKD

Sensei Nigel Jolliffe 4th Dan  Ju Jitsu

Sensei Stu Pike 4th Dan Ju Jitsu

Sensei Peter Tenpow 4th Dan  Karate

Sensei Ricky Williams 4th Dan Ju Jitsu

Sensei Stu Pike 3rd Dan Kickboxing

Sensei Tracy Rodford 3rd Dan Iaido

Sensei James Emden 3rd Dan Iaido

Danny Wyatt 3rd Dan

Sensei Kris Suckling 4th Dan  Ju Jitsu

Sensei Tony Bliss 4th Dan  Ju Jitsu

Josh `Smithy` Smith 3rd Dan  Ju Jitsu

Damian Guy 3rd Dan  Ju Jitsu

Sensei Gary Johnson 4th Dan  Ju Jitsu

Sensei Gry Johnson exp 1 Krav Maga

Sensei Gary Johnson 4th DAN Kyoshu jitsu

Sensei Roger Whatley 3rd Dan  IaiDo

Sensei Nick Foot 3rd Dan Ju Jitsu

Sensei Ashley Eaglestone 3rd Dan  Freestyle Kickboxing

Chris Roach 3rd Dan Freestyle TKD

Ricky Williams 2nd Dan Ju Jitsu

Hannah Davidson 2nd Dan

Sensei Michael Ford 2nd Dan Freestyle Kickboxing

Sensei Leigh Remedios 2nd Dan  Ju Jitsu

Sensei Tony Bliss 3rd Dan Iaido

Sensei Phil Arlett 3rd Dan Ju Jitsu

Tom Pottinger 3rd Dan Ju Jitsu

Miles Mantay 3rd Dan Ju Jitsu

Simon Davies 2nd Ju Jitsu

Ian Redgate 3rd Dan

Adam Cooper 3rd Dan Ju Jitsu

Simon Brennan 2nd Dan  Ju Jitsu

Mike Hudd 2nd Dan  Ju Jitsu

Dave Gillett 2nd Dan Kickboxing

David Fry 2nd Dan

Shaun Takle 2nd Dan Freestyle TKD

Pete Mantova 1st Dan Ju Jitsu

Martin Arlett 1st Dan Junior Ju Jitsu

Sensei Allison Butler 1st Dan  Iaido

Martyn Coombes 1st Dan

Pasha Lypko 1st Dan

Mark Keane 1st Dan Ju Jitsu  (R.I.P.)

Andy Smyth  1st Dan Ju Jitsu  (R.I.P.always in our thoughts)

Steve Schiers 1st Dan Ju Jitsu

Stuart Painter 1st Dan IaiDo & Ju Jitsu

Mark `Nobby` Simmons 2nd Dan Ju Jitsu

Samuel Spencer Williams 1st Dan Junior Ju Jitsu

Mattie Mantay 1st Dan Junior  Ju Jitsu

Ryan Schiers  1st Dan Junior  Ju Jitsu

Lucy Diggins  1st Dan Junior  Ju Jitsu

Mark `Marky Poo`Bishop 1st Dan  Ju Jitsu

Gary Broome 1st Dan  Ju Jitsu

Roger Smart 1st Dan  Ju Jitsu

Sensei Ian `Curly` Porter 1st Dan Ju Jitsu

Bob Taylor 1st Dan  Iaido

Mel Morris 1st Dan Iaido

Siobhan McDonald 1st Dan  Ju Jitsu

Mr Ralph Arlett 1st Dan (Hon.)  Ju Jitsu

Jarome Sewell 1st Dan (Hon.)  Ju Jitsu

John Head 1st Dan  Ju Jitsu

Glen Head 1st Dan Ju Jitsu

Gavin Pressler 1st Dan Ju Jitsu

Trevor Roberts 1st Dan Judo

Trevor Roberts 1st Dan Shotokan Karate


The people listed here have had all grades and titles revoked, anyone requiring details should submit their interest in writing to Genshin Kai stating the reasons why they wish to know.

ROGER DAFFURN No longer holds grades or titles  from Genshin Kai

SHANE WOODLEY No longer holds grades or titles from Genshin Kai

CHRIS STOKES No longer holds grades or titles from

Genshin Kai

Grades and titles can only be reinstated to these individuals by order of Hanshi Den Butler 10th Dan