Grand Master Den Butler 10th Dan Black Belt

Grand Master Den Butler, founder of Genshin Kai

Den Butler was born in 1950 in Notting hill, London. He started his Martial Arts training in 1970’s, at a Shotokan Karate clubs in Broxbourne and Hoddesdon Hertfordshire, run by Sensei Larry (Harry) Jones R.I.P.

He moved to Cornwall in 1980 and whilst there he trained in Kodokan Judo, Goshin Jutsu, Iaido and Karate.Many of his students in Cornwall obtained their coveted Black Belt under his tuition, and many of them agreed that it was hard work, but worth all the effort.

In the early 90s Den moved to Wiltshire, and today lives in the town of Melksham where he has his own full time Martial Arts centre, which is located at the Avonside Business Park, New Broughton Road. Melksham.

In 2015 Den was Informed by the President of The Cobra Martial Arts Association Andrew Morrell that he was being promoted to 10th Degree Black Belt

To date Den Butler holds the following grades all of which have been viewed and recognised by the Cobra Martial Arts Association (C.M.A.A.) as legitamate grades.

1st Dan Black Belt Judo.

2nd Dan Kyusho Jitsu

1st Dan Black Belt Brithai Karate.

2nd Dan Black Belt Goshin Jutsu.

6th Dan Black Belt Shotokan Karate.

1st Dan Black Belt Iaido . (British Kendo Association).

8th Dan Black Belt Genshin Iaido .

10th  Dan Black Belt Ju Jitsu.

Other achievements include,
International coaching and Instructing Diplomas

numerous National Awards,

Honors Award.

U.K. Associate Director for the C.M.A.A.

Life membership award to the All Japan JuJitsu International Federation

Life membership to the Self Defense Federation

Life membership to The All Styles Martial Arts Association

In 2004 he submitted his style to the International Society of Head Founders& Head Families for review. The I.S.H.H. recognised the style and appointed

Den as Youshiki Soke (Western Founder) of Genshin Ryu

Ju-Jitsu & Iaido with the Rank of Grand Master

Den Butler has also under gone a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) Enhanced Disclosure check through the Education Authorities, this document has been reviewed by Andrew Morrell, President of the C.M.A.A. and accepted. It is also available for viewing at your request. CRB checks are redone every 2 years.

Genshin kai had the unfortunate situation of being ripped off with our insurance by Paul Griffin and the British National Martial arts association , it was not just confined to ourselves but numerous martial arts clubs and associations had been done over by this man who served several years in prison on fraud charges.

This incident made me realise that there are a lot of cowboy martial arts associations still out there. Changing their name does not make them go away.

So my next step was to look for another association, and the one that was recommended to me was Cobra, when i heard the name it conjoured up images of the karate kid, but after speaking to Andrew Morrell, (who was eating in a restaurant with his wife and friends at the time) i quickly realised that this was the right association for me, i always get an answer when i phone, when i ask a question, i always get an answer, and a true full one. There is no bull**** with Cobra, no egos and no favouratism, just good honest support and advice, what more can you ask for.