Gradings at Staverton Ju Jitsu

well done to all who passed their grading today at our Staverton Dojo. Glenn Head was promoted to 1st Dan Black Belt, whilst in the junior section Martin Arlett was promoted to 2nd Kyu Brown Belt

Coverack Ju Jitsu

The gradings in Coverack got off to a good start just after 10am on Saturday 26th January 2013.

The junior students were up first, and believe me when i say i was not disappointed, every one of them passed their grading exam with flying colours, they are a credit to their Instructors Sensei Ricky Williams and Master Trevor Roberts.

Senior students were up next, i thought that after the juniors things couldnt get much better, how wrong was I.

The techniques that were performed were brilliant, and very advanced for the amount of time they had been training.

I was so impressed that all senior students were promoted to 9th Kyu Orange belt,what a day, could it get any better??

Next up was Sensei Ricky Williams 1st Dan, who was attempting his 2nd Dan Grading.

Well i was not disappointed, Ricky passed with flying colours and was awarded 2nd Dan Ju Jitsu.

So, after 6 hours every one was extremely tired but very happy, as for me, i was over the moon, Trevor and Ricky were my students 30 years ago when i lived in Cornwall, and Coverack Ju Jitsu Dojo is held in the same village hall that i used to teach in all those years ago.

So i say to Sensei Ricky Williams 2nd Dan and Master Trevor Roberts 5th Dan well done guys, you made an old man very happy,  i  will see you all again very soon

gradings in Cornwall

Coverack Ju Jitsu, which is run by Master Trevor Roberts 5th Dan, will have their first grading on Saturday 26th January.

I look forward to seeing all my old friends again and to meeting all the new students.

Those attempting their first grading need not panic, you will not be asked to do anything you have not already done, so dont be nervous, if you have any questions then ask me, i dont bite, see you all on Saturday, weather permitting…..

Cobra award for Genshin kai melksham

After completing all relevant paper work and passing with flying colours, Genshin Kai Melksham have been awarded

CMAA Centre of Excellence.

So pleased for everyone at the Dojo, we have been in Melksham for 15 years and (touch wood), will be here for another 15 years

cornwall ju jitsu opens 13.09.2012

Master Trevor Roberts will be officiating at the first ju jitsu class in Coverack in Cornwall on Thursday 13th September, if you are interested in learning Genshin Ju Jitsu please call Master Trevor on



It is with great pleasure that i can announce the re-opening of the Staverton Ju Jitsu club in mid September under Sensei Phil Arlet.

Seniors only to start with……………


The date of our next grading is 30th June 2012,

Juniors start at 11am, seniors approx 2pm.

The Dojo will be open from 10am should you wish to do some practicing.

Please remember to check that your membership is in order and up to date.



We will be closed on Monday 4th June

We are open Friday 1st June for Junior Ju Jitsu

Sunday 3rd June for Iaido

Tuesday 5th June for Iaido

After this date everything reverts back to normal

Genshin Kai has new 5th Dan Master in Cornwall

Saturday 5th May saw sensei Trevor Roberts from Coverack in Cornwall training at the Melksham Dojo with Hanshi Den Butler 9th Dan and some of his students.

Trevor was Dens senior student when he had 4 Dojo`s in Cornwall during the 1980s, then Den left Cornwall to live in Wiltshire and they lost touch. Trevor continued he`s training and recently they both got back in touch with each other.

Trevor arranged to spend a weekend at Dens Dojo in Melksham to study Genshin Ju Jitsu and after  non stop training and deliberation regarding the differences and applications on the techniques,Trevor decided he wanted to rejoin Den once more and continue with his training, hopefully opening his own Dojo in Coverack.

Trevor`s training has spanned 25-30 years so after the weekend training Trevor was surprised to be awarded he`s 5th Dan Masters Degree, he had no idea that all weekend he had been under the watchful eye of Hanshi Den.

Trevors  5th Dan Masters Degree is now recognised by the Cobra Martial Arts Association.

Trevor will be revisiting Melksham Dojo within the next few months…..Brilliant !!